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Tips On Dungeon Play

Visiting a professional dungeon offers the BDSM enthusiast an experience that they’re unlikely to be able to replicate in their own home. These BDSM installations have state of the art restraint equipment and bondage gear, provide services catering to a wide range of BDSM tastes, keep their facilities immaculately clean and disinfected, and typically offer theme rooms so that you can fulfill your fantasies to the fullest. We’ve compiled a few helpful hints so that you can enjoy your visits to these BDSM installations to the fullest.

You will be charged for a strict period of time during your visit to these BDSM installations, so be very clear on what kind of experience you want to enjoy. Let the dungeon personnel know exactly what BDSM play you wish to engage in so that your money won’t be wasted on articulating your needs after the session starts. Remember, in these BDSM installations, the meter’s always running.

Be sure to peruse the complete list of services offered by these BDSM installations, and if you have a specific fantasy that you’re not sure that a facility is equipped to fulfill, don’t hesitate to call the dungeon’s master or mistress to ask if they have the required equipment or personnel skilled in the required techniques. The people who operate these BDSM installations want to ensure your satisfaction (and return patronage), so they’ll do their level best to accommodate any reasonable requests.

Make sure that the professional dungeon you’re considering visiting is committed to ensuring your privacy. Most professional BDSM installations are quite reliable in providing discretion and offer a floor layout that guarantee that the only other person you’ll encounter will be the domme or dom responsible for fulfilling your fantasy. Still, check out a few BDSM forums to get feedback on particular BDSM installations before you schedule an appointment. You’ll be able to get input not only on their discretion, but also their cleanliness and quality of service.

Professional BDSM installations offer the enthusiast the opportunity to indulge in pleasures that would otherwise be out of reach at reasonable rates. If you haven’t yet experienced the dark joys of what professional dungeons have to offer, visit the websites of the ones that intrigue you and examine their facilities. You’ll discover that BDSM installations can allow you to realize your fantasies to their fullest.

Are You a Cuckold?

Does your wife spend alot of time getting ready to go out with her girlfriends? Do you often wonder where she goes and what she does?

Does she smell “different” when she comes back home?

And does that turn you on? Has your wife compared your penis unfavorably to other men?

Does she talk about guys she used to date?

Does she become more animated and flirtatious around other men?

And does that turn you on?

Has your wife slowed down or stopped having sex with you altogether?

Has she threatened to or actually put you in chastity?

Is she training you to crave the taste of cum?

And does that turn you on?

Obviously, if you answered yes to the above questions, you are in the process of being turned into a cuckold.

You need to accept and embrace your new life. (such as it is)

Extreme Bondage Gear: How To Play Safe?

Extreme bondage gear should only be used by participants who are experienced with BDSM gear or are under the tutelage of somebody who has extensive experience with this kind of sex gear. Some types of extreme bondage gear, such as fixed restraint installations and suspension harnesses present an element of risk even to those experienced in the use of such sex gear and can be extremely hazardous in the hands of people who don’t know what they’re doing. Always be sure to follow BDSM’s dictate of “safe, sane, and consensual” when using extreme sex gear and strictly follow safety practices.
lways have explicit and unambiguous safe words defined and use them if you’re feeling even the slightest bit physically or emotionally uncomfortable when you use extreme bondage gear. Restraint in the confines of a sleepsack or shackled to a St. Andrews Cross can be sexually thrilling and liberating, but never allow the bondage fantasy that incorporates this sex gear to pass a point that you’re not comfortable with and never refrain from uttering your safe word for fear of appearing wimpy or wanting to tough it out. Always use your safe word if your experience with extreme sex gear is more intense or uncomfortable than you’re okay with.

If you’re using extreme bondage gear such as leashes mounted to a fixed position or suspension harnesses, always make sure that your sub is in no danger of asphyxiation from the sex gear you’re using. Both parties need to communicate constantly with each other when using this type of sex gear to ensure safety. Even if you feel that it breaks the mood, it’s still vitally important to ensure a sub isn’t feeling faint or experiencing circulation loss when using extreme sex gear.

Extreme sex gear is for experts only; if you aren’t 100% sure that you can use it safely, leave it alone. There’s a wealth of pleasure that can be gained with extreme bondage gear, but always play safe and play smart with using this kind of sex gear.

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Lesbian Femdom Bondage Games

Lesbian bondage play encompasses all of the BDSM activities that heterosexual participants engage in, and femdom is certainly no exception. Lesbian femdom incorporates everything you’d expect from femdom, only this time it’s in the context of lesbian bondage. The domme/sub relationship allows lesbians to explore all their power play and submission fantasies in a lesbian bondage milieu that both partners find fulfilling and liberating.

So what kind of gay bondage activities take place under the mantle of lesbian femdom? Restraint and punishment are popular gay bondage elements that can be enjoyed by lesbians, and many lesbian femdom fantasies begin with the domme subjecting her sub to being shackled or tied before receiving the cruel punishments that she deems fit to mete out. Their gay bondage fantasies can encompass play ranging from relatively mild spankings to harsh floggings, but as in all other forms of BDSM, responsible gay bondage participants adhere to the dictate of keeping their play safe, sane, and consensual.

All of the accessories involved in femdom can be utilized by lesbians who are into gay bondage scenarios. Strap-on dildos are a viable option in lesbian femdom play, as the domme takes it upon herself to penetrate her hapless sub. The dynamics of power and subjugation are still at work, allowing both the domme and the sub to experience the realization of their gay bondage fantasy.

Role-playing is also popular in femdom scenarios. A visit to the doctor could result in punishment enemas and other humiliating treatments. The patient may even need to be restrained for her own good in this gay bondage fantasy. Guard and prisoner scenarios are also excellent for the realization of femdom fantasies. A little imagination is all it takes to turn gay bondage fantasy into reality.

Lesbian femdom play offers rich sensual rewards for its participants. By living out their gay bondage fantasies, lesbian couples can satisfy their sensual needs for dominance and being subjugated. Fulfillment and liberation is what femdom’s all about and lesbians respond to that just like any other femdom enthusiasts.



How To Detect a Femdom Sex Addict in Your Partner?

Perhaps you’ve noticed signs in your partner that are making you curious. He may not be the assertive man you met and fell in love with. He might seem unusually timid, looking to you to do all the decision-making. You might find hidden toys like strap-on dildos and other accompaniments to submission games. By now, you might be asking yourself, “Is my partner a femdom sex addict?”

Some men are into the submission games that accompany female domination. They thrill to the role reversal that submission games are all about. He might have discovered feelings and urges within himself that only subjecting himself to female domination could satisfy and was embarrassed to share them with you. If you’re finding clear indications that your partner has a secret sexual life that involves submission games, then you have to decide where to go from there.

The best thing to do would be to ask him openly if he’s into femdom activities and submission games and listen to him non-judgmentally. Discuss his femdom fantasies openly. Maybe in the course of the discussion you’ll find that there’s common ground for you both to share these fantasies and for you to explore your sensuality through submission games with your partner. Either way, keeping the subject in the dark is not going to do your relationship any good.

If you feel comfortable exploring femdom with your partner, you can find erotic thrills of your own from acting out the role reversal that comes with domination. You might discover a new level of sexual liberation in wearing that strap-on and engaging in submission games and forced feminization with him. Femdom might very well be the activity that takes your relationship to a whole new level.

You’ll never know until you take the first step and talk to him about the submission games he’s involved in. It can be an uncomfortable topic at first, but if you discover you can talk your way through it, the newfound openness and honesty in your relationship can be well worth it.


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She is not faking and gets her hands out-moded, but silent can not around out of the elbow servitude. We re-even her wrists, vice her puffy headlights, add severe weights and on her sperm! We spread her legs, scrape by her juice again and cause her to suffer in her servitude unable to vamoose this epoch.

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Wife Swap

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Sara Jay is strict up close to her allay to feel part in crimped sex games with a pen-pal and his subaltern wife, Kait Snow. Both wives vex worked from with cashiering, sex and subjugation in an tempting evening they wish never draw a blank. Kait gets stern fucked and Sara gets stuffed with increase vaginal keenness by End Davis and Steve Holmes.

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Wonderful Dreams – Sex Dreams that is…

Sex Dreams are always the best….

Tired she decides to lie down on the sofa and take a nap. She lays back and closes her eyes, smiling as she thinks of him. She starts getting wet as the thought of hearing him runs through her mind. Her hand starts to roam down her body and suddenly she hears him.

“Hello pet, what are you doing?”

She looks across the room to see him standing there. She blushes as she says, “I was just thinking of you, Sir.” “Good girl” He said. “And just what were you doing?” She sits up and smiles “I was cumming, Sir”

He sits down in the chair across from her. “You are a very good girl” he says, “Would you like to cum more for your Master?” She starts to cum again as she is trying to say “Oh my, yes Sir” He says “Good, Lay back down pet”

She lies back down. “Look at me pet” he says. She looks towards him. “Have you touched yourself today pet?

“No Sir” she says as she squirms wanting to so badly.

He says “Good girl, you are such a good girl, pet.” She squirms more as she cums harder, knowing how hard he makes her cum, knowing it won’t ever stop. “Turn over pet, lay on your stomach, I want to see how nice your ass looks in the thong panties I bought you”

She quickly rolls onto her tummy. He smiles “You look wonderful in the thong panties and t-shirt. Pet, look at your Master” She raises her head “Yes Sir.” “Good girl” he says “Would you like to touch yourself pet?” she begins to cum again “Oh my yes Sir, please.” “Slide your hand underneath you, pet, keep your fingers outside your panties and rub your clit for your Master.”

Her hand quickly goes beneath her, her fingers reach her clit and she starts to cum harder. “Oh my Oh my please” she gasps.

She notices his hand run along the outside of his pants and she begins cumming harder. He looks into her eyes. “Rub your clit harder pet, I want to see you cum harder for your Master. Show your Master how much you want to please him.”

Her fingers rub her clit hard as she grinds down on her hand wanting him so much, wanting to please her Master so very much.

He says “Yes pet, that’s what I want to see, your ass looks so good as you grind your clit hard onto your fingers for your Master.”

She moans louder “Oh my, Oh my please, I can’t stop!”He smiles at her, “No pet you can’t stop cumming so hard for your Master. Would you like to slide your fingers in your panties pet?

She screams “oh gawd, oh my. Yes please.”

“Sit up pet, sit up and spread your legs and show your Master how you slide your fingers in your panties and shove then deep in your cunt for your Master.”

Quickly she sits up, still looking at him, she spreads her legs apart, slides her hands down her legs to her very wet panties. She moves her panties over and slides her fingers through her wetness and shoves her fingers deep in her cunt. She moans “Oh my gawd” as she cums harder and harder. Feeling her wet cunt tighten hard around her fingers.

“Yes pet, that’s it, cum hard for your Master” he says. “Pet, would you like to see your Masters cock?”

She can’t take it and can’t speak as she cums so hard. Wanting, needing to see her Masters cock.

“Come over here pet, come show your Master how wet your cunt is for him”

She stands up and goes over to him. Gasping and still cumming hard for her Master.

His hand reaches towards her and she starts to cum harder again. He stops “Maybe you should get on your knees pet.”

She sits down on the floor, on her knees, looking at him, one hand on her leg and the other still rubbing her wet cunt.

He says “Good Girl” and she begins gasping as she cums more. He reaches towards her again and runs his fingers across her sweet face. She cums more wanting him so much. She can’t take it she wants to fuck him so much. She wants to feel his hot cock deep in her wet cunt.

He pulls his hard cock out of his pants and asks her “Do you want your Masters cock pet?”

She moans, “Oh my Yes Sir, please, please.”

He asks, “Would you like to suck your Masters cock, would you like to taste your Masters pre cum pet?

She sits up straighter as she moans more “Oh my yes!”

He runs his hand behind her head, his fingers thru her hair and pulls her closer, her lips touching the tip of his cock. She can’tstand it and begins to suck the tip. She starts cumming harder and sucks in deeper and harder not being able to stop. Wanting his cock so much, she feels his fingers run through her hair and she cums harder, sucking harder wanting to feel all of him. Her fingers still in her wet cunt, her hand is now soaked from cumming so hard for her Master.

He pulls her head back. “You want to feel your Masters hot
cock in your wet cunt, don’t you pet?

She screams “Oh my please, please, oh my please fuck me please!”

He pulls her to her feet and stands up. He moves behind her
and pushes her forward. “Bend over the chair pet, Bend over and
let your Master fuck you hard, let your Master feel your wet cunt
tighten so hard around his hot cock”

She quickly bends over, grabbing the chair.

He slides his hard cock across her wet cunt. She feels it run across her clit and can’t take it, her hand reaches back and she grabs his hard cock shoving it in her wet cunt. She starts cumming hard on his hard cock.

His hand runs up her back and his fingers through her hair, he pulls her head back and shoves his cock in deeper “You were a bad girl weren’t you pet?

She moans and cums harder. She feels his other hand rise as his cock slides out and his hand hits her ass. He shoves his cock harder in her and she cums harder and harder not being able to stop. Tightening so hard around his cock not wanting to ever let it go.

“You will get spanked harder for that tonight, pet,” he says as
he fucks her harder

He pulls her head back again and kisses her. She cums harder and harder not being able to stop. It feels so good to feel her Masters cock in her. So wet. So hot. So good.

He pulls out of her wet cunt and pulls her body to his. “Turn
around pet, back to your knees.”

She turns around facing him and slides down his body, her mouth running down his body as she returns to her knees, her lips at his cock she starts sucking again. She feels his hand behind her head and she cums more and sucks harder. He pulls out and she feels his hot cum hitting her mouth, hitting her lips and cheeks. She cums more as she sucks his cock deep in her mouth again.