Preparing for anal sex

I thought I would follow it up with a recipe for a first time anal sex experience.


1. One very attractive lady with a nicely formed ass. ( Hot Butt Sex )

2. Condom, not essential but preferred.

3. Lubricant, don’t use vaseline as this can damage the condom.


If you are using the condom, unwrap it and place it in a convenient position for use later.

You need to somehow persuade the lady to get undressed and get in the mood for sex. The best way is plenty of stroking, paying particular attention to her breasts and pussy. Often, licking various parts of her body helps the arousal process.

If this is the first time you have tried out anal sex, it is probably best to have the lady on her hands and knees and to make your approach from behind. You should position yourself behind her, facing her ass. At this stage it is recommended that you pay particular attention to her ass, licking between the cheeks and even if you wish licking her ass hole.

Now comes the approach, and how you do this depends on whether you have both decided you want to try anal sex, or if you want to try it without asking her first.

I will assume that your lady wants to try anal sex. You need to ensure your penis is erect or the next stages could prove a bit tricky. I find that the view from the bent over position is more than sufficient to get a raging hard on but if you are struggling a bit, pour some of the baby oil on your penis and rub it up and down in a rythmic fashion until you are happy with the stiffness.

Next find thecondom and roll it onto your penis. take some more baby oil and pour some onto the lady’s ass, massaging her ass at the same time. placing a finger into her ass is a useful additon at this stage.

When you are satisfied that she is ready to be penetrated, introduce your erect penis to her ass and push gently. There will probable be some resistance to start with which is why it is quite important that your penis is rock hard. You should ensure she is still enjoying the process at this stage, and assuming she is, push a bit harder until your penis slides into her ass.

At this stage I find it best to stop for a few seconds before pushing backwards and forwards, sliding your cock in and out of her ass until you feel the need to cum.

This is where you have a couple of choices. You can either leave your cock in her ass and shoot your load, or as some ladies like spunk on their face, pull your cock out and run around the front of the lady and cum all over her face.

The second position involves a bit more risk and is known as the bucking bronco. You stick your cock in her ass when she isn’t expecting it and then time yourself as to how long you can stay on. I don’t recommend this approach as it can be quite dangerous, I have heard of guys getting thrown off and breaking arms!

Have fun with that anal sex guys and girls.

(C) pornfan

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