Ideas for Breast Toture

This has always been a fascination of mine as a Dominate. Attacking one of the key areas of the female identity is a great way to help bring the female submissive to her knees. Breasts, of course, come in all shapes and sizes and also vary in there sensitivity. Care should be taken to learn there limits in this area as you don’t wish to cause any permanent harm. After several discussions with many people, I have learned of many fun play ideas to exploit this area of the female anatomy. Some of these ideas are listed below to help give you a basis to start exploring this area of play.
Grab hold of her nipples and have her lean back. Maintain your hold as long as you can without moving. This is will potentially help stretch the nipples to greater lengths.

Fill the cups of her bra a quarter way with uncooked rice. Make sure the bra is worn tightly to help prevent the loss of the rice. As the day goes on the rice will become very uncomfortable.

Find a snake bite kit. Use the suction pieces to suck in the nipples.

Grab the nipples between your thumb and index finger and twist. You can also use the same idea by binding the breasts at the base and twisting them.

Run sandpaper across the nipples. Take care not to sand them off or cause serious harm.

Bind the breasts at the base and drip hot wax on them. See A FEW IDEAS FOR WAX PLAY FOR THE BEGINNER for more information on how to start waxplay.

Tie string to each nipple and hang the string over a shower rod or similar then add weight to the other end of the string.

A trip to a store with her breasts wrapped tight at their base with a few wraps of thin rope tied snuggly is a pleasure to behold as they become a bit swollen and a nice purplish hue. I do not recommend it for real long periods but an hour can be fun or more depending on her endurance but be careful if you are not sure on how to know when it is too much. I suggest looser bindings….enough to jut them proudly but not purple them too much.

If you like a little exhibitionism, in your back yard or similar area try putting the clothes out to dry and use her breasts as anchors for one end of the clothesline for a set period of time. Again this is all in her endurance in how many clothes you hang on the line.

Lie her on her back and bind each breast at it’s base. Tie string to each nipple then push her knees towards her chest. You can then do a few things…bind her knees to her tits with a short length of rope between keeping her knees up and exposing her quite well for other things, or bind her nipples to her big toes with the other end of the string from her nipples as well as binding her knees so she doesn’t pull her nipples to the point of causing serious damage.

Tie the breasts tight at the base and then using two spreader bars, tie the spreader bars together tight, with the breasts in between, and suspending the bars up high to make her lift up on her tip toes to relieve the pressure.

I am sure there are tons of other things that can be done to a nice pair of breasts. I tried to exclude the striking implements like a crop or cane as they are useful for almost the entire body but don’t count them out as part of your breast torture fun. I am also sure there are many other things you can use such as clips, mousetraps and other miscellaneous items which can be combined with the ideas about or create completely new ideas of your own. Many of these ideas can also be used for play with male submissive with some minor adaptations. Im sure you Dommes can figure out how. Good Luck and enjoy.