Being A Dominant

Being a Dominant isn’t all about giving orders and swinging a paddle or flogger. As the Dominant you are responsible for the mental and physical well being of your submissive. It is not always an easy or fun task as sometime what is for the well being of your submissive is not always what they want. So how do you go about being a Good Dominant you ask? Well being a good Dominant takes alot of patiences and time. We will explain more.

Take your time. There is alot to learn out there. Take some time to look for information. Buy some books. Take you time to explore all the different aspects of the lifestyle to find what works for you and your submissive. There is so much to learn and many resources for it. Besides, this isn’t a race so take your time and enjoy it.

Learn your submissive. Take your time and learn what your submissive’s wants and needs are. This is essential to a fun and healthy D/s relationship. There needs to be mutual respect and open communication between you and your submissive. These are key to developing the relationship because without those there can be no Trust. With all activities there is a great amount of trust when a submissive places their control in the hands of the Dominant. Remember that submission is a gift, not a right, and finding a good and true submissive is really rare so cherish them.

Always keep your activities Safe, Sane, and Consentual. This is a big phrase in the BDSM lifestyle. I wont delve much into this since it’s an article in itself but it is important to keep in mind.

Always remember your submissive is a human being! This gets forgotten by many Dominants. No matter what, you are dealing with a human being. Treat them as such in your decisions. Remember they have emotions and feelings. I can not stress this enough.

Just rember being a good Dominant takes time and patients. Remember your submissive is a gift so take care of and cherish them. The rewards are worth the effort.

Written By: MstrTristan