Wonderful Dreams – Sex Dreams that is…

Sex Dreams are always the best….

Tired she decides to lie down on the sofa and take a nap. She lays back and closes her eyes, smiling as she thinks of him. She starts getting wet as the thought of hearing him runs through her mind. Her hand starts to roam down her body and suddenly she hears him.

“Hello pet, what are you doing?”

She looks across the room to see him standing there. She blushes as she says, “I was just thinking of you, Sir.” “Good girl” He said. “And just what were you doing?” She sits up and smiles “I was cumming, Sir”

He sits down in the chair across from her. “You are a very good girl” he says, “Would you like to cum more for your Master?” She starts to cum again as she is trying to say “Oh my, yes Sir” He says “Good, Lay back down pet”

She lies back down. “Look at me pet” he says. She looks towards him. “Have you touched yourself today pet?

“No Sir” she says as she squirms wanting to so badly.

He says “Good girl, you are such a good girl, pet.” She squirms more as she cums harder, knowing how hard he makes her cum, knowing it won’t ever stop. “Turn over pet, lay on your stomach, I want to see how nice your ass looks in the thong panties I bought you”

She quickly rolls onto her tummy. He smiles “You look wonderful in the thong panties and t-shirt. Pet, look at your Master” She raises her head “Yes Sir.” “Good girl” he says “Would you like to touch yourself pet?” she begins to cum again “Oh my yes Sir, please.” “Slide your hand underneath you, pet, keep your fingers outside your panties and rub your clit for your Master.”

Her hand quickly goes beneath her, her fingers reach her clit and she starts to cum harder. “Oh my Oh my please” she gasps.

She notices his hand run along the outside of his pants and she begins cumming harder. He looks into her eyes. “Rub your clit harder pet, I want to see you cum harder for your Master. Show your Master how much you want to please him.”

Her fingers rub her clit hard as she grinds down on her hand wanting him so much, wanting to please her Master so very much.

He says “Yes pet, that’s what I want to see, your ass looks so good as you grind your clit hard onto your fingers for your Master.”

She moans louder “Oh my, Oh my please, I can’t stop!”He smiles at her, “No pet you can’t stop cumming so hard for your Master. Would you like to slide your fingers in your panties pet?

She screams “oh gawd, oh my. Yes please.”

“Sit up pet, sit up and spread your legs and show your Master how you slide your fingers in your panties and shove then deep in your cunt for your Master.”

Quickly she sits up, still looking at him, she spreads her legs apart, slides her hands down her legs to her very wet panties. She moves her panties over and slides her fingers through her wetness and shoves her fingers deep in her cunt. She moans “Oh my gawd” as she cums harder and harder. Feeling her wet cunt tighten hard around her fingers.

“Yes pet, that’s it, cum hard for your Master” he says. “Pet, would you like to see your Masters cock?”

She can’t take it and can’t speak as she cums so hard. Wanting, needing to see her Masters cock.

“Come over here pet, come show your Master how wet your cunt is for him”

She stands up and goes over to him. Gasping and still cumming hard for her Master.

His hand reaches towards her and she starts to cum harder again. He stops “Maybe you should get on your knees pet.”

She sits down on the floor, on her knees, looking at him, one hand on her leg and the other still rubbing her wet cunt.

He says “Good Girl” and she begins gasping as she cums more. He reaches towards her again and runs his fingers across her sweet face. She cums more wanting him so much. She can’t take it she wants to fuck him so much. She wants to feel his hot cock deep in her wet cunt.

He pulls his hard cock out of his pants and asks her “Do you want your Masters cock pet?”

She moans, “Oh my Yes Sir, please, please.”

He asks, “Would you like to suck your Masters cock, would you like to taste your Masters pre cum pet?

She sits up straighter as she moans more “Oh my yes!”

He runs his hand behind her head, his fingers thru her hair and pulls her closer, her lips touching the tip of his cock. She can’tstand it and begins to suck the tip. She starts cumming harder and sucks in deeper and harder not being able to stop. Wanting his cock so much, she feels his fingers run through her hair and she cums harder, sucking harder wanting to feel all of him. Her fingers still in her wet cunt, her hand is now soaked from cumming so hard for her Master.

He pulls her head back. “You want to feel your Masters hot
cock in your wet cunt, don’t you pet?

She screams “Oh my please, please, oh my please fuck me please!”

He pulls her to her feet and stands up. He moves behind her
and pushes her forward. “Bend over the chair pet, Bend over and
let your Master fuck you hard, let your Master feel your wet cunt
tighten so hard around his hot cock”

She quickly bends over, grabbing the chair.

He slides his hard cock across her wet cunt. She feels it run across her clit and can’t take it, her hand reaches back and she grabs his hard cock shoving it in her wet cunt. She starts cumming hard on his hard cock.

His hand runs up her back and his fingers through her hair, he pulls her head back and shoves his cock in deeper “You were a bad girl weren’t you pet?

She moans and cums harder. She feels his other hand rise as his cock slides out and his hand hits her ass. He shoves his cock harder in her and she cums harder and harder not being able to stop. Tightening so hard around his cock not wanting to ever let it go.

“You will get spanked harder for that tonight, pet,” he says as
he fucks her harder

He pulls her head back again and kisses her. She cums harder and harder not being able to stop. It feels so good to feel her Masters cock in her. So wet. So hot. So good.

He pulls out of her wet cunt and pulls her body to his. “Turn
around pet, back to your knees.”

She turns around facing him and slides down his body, her mouth running down his body as she returns to her knees, her lips at his cock she starts sucking again. She feels his hand behind her head and she cums more and sucks harder. He pulls out and she feels his hot cum hitting her mouth, hitting her lips and cheeks. She cums more as she sucks his cock deep in her mouth again.