Erotic fetish story

The Physiotherapist

Chapter 1

Mary’s surgery went off without a hitch. She had a knee operation to remove some cartilage from under her knee cap and then she sat for six weeks in a cast. The summer heat was scorching and her mind was rotting with boredom.

“Tom…I don’t ever want to see another cross stitching again…” she said, as a sigh left her lips.

“I have never been so tired of just sitting in my life. I thought that this surgery was going to be my little holiday from work but it’s turned into an absolute disaster. The doctor figured that I’m going to have to start physio on Monday.” Tom spoke.

“I hope for the sake of everyone around you that you get back on your feet soon too, honey. Your starting to drive everybody else crazy too!”.

Mary smiled as she stuck her tongue out at Tom.

“I’m a little nervous about going, thank you very much, and your coming with me.” Mary pouted as she rubbed her knee under the cast. Tom laughed a little.

“I’ll be there hun, don’t worry. Hey, Mary, when are you and your sister supposed to go in to the city to get wedding dresses?”

Tom was planning a night or two out with the boys in two weeks while the kids spent the weekend at their grandparents. He had been looking forward to the time alone for a couple months. Mary had talked about her trip to the city with excitement for just as long.

“Yes!!! Two more weeks until freedom!!!” She grinned from ear to ear.

A week passed and the thursday soon came for Mary to go to physio therapy. Tom drove her to the hospital and walked in to the south side of the wing helping with her bag. They wanted her to bring a bathing suit and towels for the first couple of visits so that they could do some basic manipulations on the bench and some more difficult ones in the water.

he lady that called mentioned that the warm water would help with pain and give a little more movement at first. A tall woman walked towards them at the front of the office.

“Good morning, you must be Mary. Your my only knee today. Oh my, that looks sore.”

She glanced down at Mary’s knee and could tell that she was in pain by the stressed look on her face. Mary forced a smile

“Can I sit down, please?” The woman responded with a smile at Tom and said

“Along for the ride, huh? Right this way you guys are going to the cage.”

Tom’s mind raced with excitement as they were led to a primitive looking area of the physio room that was opened up into the ceiling , had a steel grid roof and was surrounded on all sides except for the floor and the entrance. Everywhere it had a grid of steel that had 4″ squares in it.

“Whoooooooo kinky!” Tom wispered into Mary’s ear

“This place looks like a torture chamber from the eighteenth century!”

He was smiling as he looked at the walls with straps, ropes, pulleys and large elastic bands. The workout bench, black vinyl, was very wide and large with all sorts of attachment points on it. It looked like it came right out of one of those kinky bondage movies.

“SHUT UP, you jerk! You know how I feel about stuff like that, It scares the shit out of me. Are you trying to give me a fucking complex? God, every time I come into this place now, I’m going to have a panic attack!”

Tom looked down at the floor, feeling bad. He was only joking. Secretly he wished it was him here getting strapped down and worked over by the beautiful physio lady.

“Sorry, hun, I spoke my kinky mind, I should have just grinned and kept quiet.”

“The whole world can tell what your thinking by that great big fucking goofy grin on your face.”

Mary was laughing out loud at Tom, now. She didn’t like some of the same sexual things that he did but it was always funny when he made those stupid faces when things like this came up.

“Stop grinning, you dummy, everyone can see you!!” Tom sat spinning his head around quickly and laughing out loud as he touched all of the straps and looked at Mary. “Sometimes you have all the luck…” he kidded Mary

“I wish it was me here instead of you.” he laughed again.

“You can take my fucking place here anytime you want, Tom.” Mary’s face looked a little panicked as she winced in pain putting her knee on the bench.

“I am NOT looking forward to this. And no wise cracks from the peanut gallery when the physiotherapist gets here or you’ll be in the waiting room for the rest of my visits reading stupid ten year old magazines!”

Mary was getting annoyed now. He always did the peanut gallery smart assed routine when they were at the doctors office or places like this. It drove her nuts but she would probably miss it if he ever stopped. The physio lady came in to the room.

“Hi guys my name is Jenny, I’m filling in for Kathy for the next couple of weeks and then it’s back to Sweeden for me. My husband, Dan, misses me.I come in every year to upgrade my degree and do some practical stuff. It works out good for everyone taking holidays at the same time.”

Up until now Tom hadn’t really noticed much about Jenny. She had an incredible body. She was about 6 feet tall and had really large muscles everywhere. She reached for Mary’s leg and she slid down beside her on the bench.

“Ouch that really uh…hurts…” Mary closed her eyes tight and scrunched her face as her knee was forced to bend for the first time in a month and a half. It was tender.

Jenny told Mary to hold her two hands under her knees and slid a sling around it. She clipped the rope attached to the sling to the roof by standing over Mary with a foot on either side of her, stradling her, while on the workout bench.

“That really, really hurts..” Mary was in pain now with her leg strapped up off the bed. “It’s ok Mary. Todays workout will be shorter than tommorows. This is just to get the feel of the equipment and to measure your flexibility. We don’t start torturing you until tommorow.”

Jenny and Tom,the peanut gallery, both laughed out loud. Mary, however, didn’t see the humour at all. She responded, with an uncomfortable smile…

” Ya great….I’m looking in forward to that!”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine, Mary, it’s not like your going to be here all weekend or anything.” Tom’s eyes lit up with excitement at the thought of his wife being held hostage by a beautiful woman like Jenny. His happiness obviously showed because he was given only one last chance to keep his big mouth shut or he was OUT! Mary was getting agitated. She did’t look very comfortable.

Just then, Jenny pulled the rope that was attached to the pulley. It lifted Mary’s leg up about four inches at the knee and left her ankle on the bed, effectively bending it slowly. Mary went white as a ghost and screamed in pain….

” Holy shit that fucking hurtsmmmmmmmppppphhhh…..” Jenny had clamped her huge hand over Mary’s mouth and Tom couldn’t beleive his eyes….she had sealed Mary’s mouth and nose completely, making her absolutly quiet instantly. It looked like she couldn’t even breathe.

“You can scream all you want,Mary, but some of the older people don’t like that kind of language….”

Jenny held her hand there and Mary started to struggle and tried to pull Jenny’s huge hand off but the grip was to tight. The sweaty palm was stuck and Jenny’s thumb prevented Mary’s mouth from opening.


“No more swearing or my hand stays, ok?” Mary nodded under the huge palm. “mmmmmaaaaahhh…..”

The palm came off. Mary wiped the sweat off her lips and cheeks as she apologized for swearing. “Sorry Jenny, it’s just that that really hurts.” “There is plenty more where that came from, unfortunatley for you.” Jenny smiled and finished working Mary’s leg over. If only she knew what was in store for her. She would have learned to run on her first visit. …run….run….away.

Chapter 2

The Last Weekend Mary got up after her long nights sleep and had a shower. Her stomach was a little queezy from the pain in her leg. Maybe she was a little nervous about going to physio today too.

The morning seemed to fly by and before long she headed out to the physio department. Tom had to take a trip for work so Mary called a cab to get a ride.

When she got to the Physio department in the hospital there was a sign on the door. It read…

“Back at 4 pm..”

“Back for another round of punishment, huh?” Mary jumped over to the side. She hadn’t heard Jenny come up behind her and was really startled at the approach of the woman.

“Oh my God, you scared me” Jenny smiled….

“Your my last appointment before the weekend, come on inside and lets get started.” Jenny opened the door and walked inside.

“Just let the door close behind you, Mary, we are supposed to be closed at 4:30 normally but today we have no one at the reception desk so I don’t want anyone interupting.” The door slid shut.

“The first couple of visits will be in the cage so that we can work on flexibility and then we’ll get you on the exercise equipment. Lay down here for me, Mary.”

Mary layed down on the wide vinyl covered bench.

“I am going to be bending your leg slowly today to start but I’m going to need to put this strap over your hips to isolate the movement and stop you from sliding across the slippery workbench.” Jenny’s hands were already in motion pulling the straps over from the sides of the bench


the seat belt style straps locked shut around Mary’s waist. Jenny pulled the one strap end straight up toward the roof tightening in onto Mary’s hips and sinking her ass and lower back into the hard foam.

“Uhhhh…..that’s a little tight….”

“It needs to be in order to stop you from sliding, dear”

Jenny smiled kindly and rubbed Mary’s arm as she reached over her chest and grabbed another set of straps. Mary felt a little uncomfortable now as the second set of straps crossed under her arms and just above her breasts. Jenny gave a firm tug upwards and the straps tightend…Mary gasped for air…

.”….uhhhh….that’s a little hard to breathe…it’s too tight!”

“Sorry, Mary I’ll loosen that off a bit”

“A bit is right” Mary thought to herself as Jenny loosend the chest straps by nothing more than half an inch.

“Are you comfortable?” Jenny had a huge smile on her face as she touched Mary’s stomach and knee.

“NO…I really don’t like all these straps, they make me feel a little nervous.”

“I promise to take care of you, Mary. It is always most difficult to get used to on your first couple of visits…I have something that sometimes helps to relieve some of the stress.” Jenny already had this planned and pulled a blindfold out of her pocket.

She reached for Mary’s head but she moved it a little….looking nervous she said..

” is all of this needed?”

“Oh yes…it will relax you for what’s coming…”

With that she wrapped the blindfold over Mary’s eys with a smile.

“My husbands wise cracks were not so far off…ha ha ha ” Both women laughed as Mary faked a struggle under the tight straps….

“I’m sure he would love to see me now!” As both women laughed Jenny’s hands reached for the last part of the straps.

“One more strap for your good leg…we don’d want you to get away after all…”

“I couldn’t do it anyway, Jenny, these other ones have got me pinned…”


and the last strap held her ankle.

“OK….let’s get started, Mary.”

Jenny had a sinister smile on her face….her whole plan went off without a hitch… Now Mary was totally strapped to the table. Her body was pressed down in the soft material and she couldn´t move her legs at all and her upper body was strapped to the bed. The only thing she could move was her head.

“Hey, I can´t move my arms, Jenny.” Jenny just smiled and looked at Mary.

“I don´t want you to move. Your body must be absolutely still when I do this or else you can get hurt and have permanent damages to your leg.”

Mary nodded and felt Jennys large hands on her leg. She started to press it upwards and Mary couldn´t hold back the pain. It was awful.

“Aooo….that really hurts. Fuckmmmffffgghhhhhmmmm” Jenny released her grip of the leg and quickly slapped her hand over Marys mouth.

“Don´t scream Mary. I know this hurts but please be quiet or someone out there will be irritated. Remember what we talked about last time you were here.”

Mary couldn´t answer and this time she couldn´t move her arms to get rid of the sweaty hand that covered her mouth.

Suddenly Mary felt Jennys thumb over her nose and the gag was air tight. She struggled desperately.


At last Jenny removed her hand from Marys mouth and nose and let her breath.

“What are you doing to me?” Mary said and felt scared. She couldn´t move and couldn´s see what was going on around her. She struggled desperately in the straps but they held her down.

“Don´t panick, Mary. Take it easy so we can go on with this or I have to put something in your mouth and I´m sure your husband would love to see that!”

Both women laughed and Mary felt calm again. Jenny continued to bend Marys leg a bit and the pain was hard but she didn´t dare to complain, afraid of have the sweaty hand over her mouth. She suddenly realized she couldn´t get away and all her life was in Jennys hands. They worked with the leg for another ten minutes and Mary strained not to scream in pain. After ten minutes Jenny released the grip of the leg and removed the blindfold.

“Now, we seems to be finnished here.” Mary sighed and smiled. At last, she thought.

“Godd. Please remove the straps so I can sit up” Mary asked and struggled a little bit. Jenny smiled.

“Well, not yet, I think. I´m going to have a little fun first.” Mary got scared.

“Please, let me go now.” She said and begged.

“You can´t do so much, can´t you” Jenny teased her and tickled her on her stomach. Mary got panicked and opened her mouth to scream but Jennys hand quickly covered her mouth and prevented her from making a sound.

“Mmmmmgggffffffhhh” she tried but she had no chance.

“Relax, Mary. As more you struggle, as more you´ll get hurt. And remember, there´s nobody left at the hospital so they will not hear you anyway.”

Mary looked at the large woman on the floor while she felt Jennys hand over her mouth. She moaned a little but Jenny kept her hand over Marys mouth.

What was going on here?

“We have the whole night to play now. Isn´t that lovely?” Jenny said and started to laugh.

(c) By Lyle