How To Detect a Femdom Sex Addict in Your Partner?

Perhaps you’ve noticed signs in your partner that are making you curious. He may not be the assertive man you met and fell in love with. He might seem unusually timid, looking to you to do all the decision-making. You might find hidden toys like strap-on dildos and other accompaniments to submission games. By now, you might be asking yourself, “Is my partner a femdom sex addict?”

Some men are into the submission games that accompany female domination. They thrill to the role reversal that submission games are all about. He might have discovered feelings and urges within himself that only subjecting himself to female domination could satisfy and was embarrassed to share them with you. If you’re finding clear indications that your partner has a secret sexual life that involves submission games, then you have to decide where to go from there.

The best thing to do would be to ask him openly if he’s into femdom activities and submission games and listen to him non-judgmentally. Discuss his femdom fantasies openly. Maybe in the course of the discussion you’ll find that there’s common ground for you both to share these fantasies and for you to explore your sensuality through submission games with your partner. Either way, keeping the subject in the dark is not going to do your relationship any good.

If you feel comfortable exploring femdom with your partner, you can find erotic thrills of your own from acting out the role reversal that comes with domination. You might discover a new level of sexual liberation in wearing that strap-on and engaging in submission games and forced feminization with him. Femdom might very well be the activity that takes your relationship to a whole new level.

You’ll never know until you take the first step and talk to him about the submission games he’s involved in. It can be an uncomfortable topic at first, but if you discover you can talk your way through it, the newfound openness and honesty in your relationship can be well worth it.


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Female domination guide – How to become an Amazing Domina

“I just found out my boyfriend (or husband, lover, etc.) is submissive. I really love him and I want to make things work. I just don’t “get it” – what am I supposed to do?”

This question becomes more and more common on these boards and other discussion groups and I get it a lot via email (and from friends in real life who know that I am “considerably kinky”). The answers and advice people give are so broad – some people like to give lists of kinky things to do, others recommend books and resources (who has time to read an entire book to answer a simple question? You don’t need/want a degree in “female domination” anyway) and others tell you, “Oh, it can’t be done. You either are dominant or you aren’t – you can’t fake it.”

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