Female ejaculation movie

Female ejaculation has been a well debated topic for both women and medical study groups alike. Is it real? Exactly what happens? It is fair to compare it to the male ejaculation?

I’ll leave the debates up to the medical profession, thanks. ;o)

HOWEVER, I will tell you that I have a friend who ‘squirts’. She told me that it didn’t happen for her until she was in her 30’s….scared the hell out of her! But now, she loves it! :o)

She tells me that the ‘ejaculate’ actually comes from the urethra (yes, where you pee) and NOT the vaginal opening. She continues that it is NOT urine…it is clear, and has a smell that does NOT denote pee. She also claims it is not just a build up of vaginal fluids that come naturally to act as lubrication for penetration. It’s ejaculate….she swears it.

I’ve also seen a video of a girl who was shooting a porn movie and she ended up squirting all over the place….including right on the camera guy. I can tell you that it did NOT look fake. It came squirting out like a gawd damn hose…must have gone at LEAST 5 to 6 feet. She looked as though she couldn’t control orgasm…and, quite frankly, it also looked like she didn’t WANT to control it…..she was enjoying every minute of it! *grin* (although, the camera guy wasn’t all that impressed….haha)

I did some digging for websites that offer ‘squirting’…and I have seen lots of ‘fake’ stuff. (ie: the gal having a liquid inserted into her pussy before the shot…then she squeezes a bit and out comes the ‘cum’) True squirting, apparently, comes from the urethra….so, ultimately, there is no faking it by putting a liquid in a girls pussy. (although, this might be an interesting thing to experiment with for fun…of course using ‘safe’ liquids like water) ;o)

As for ‘real’ sites out there that cater to the lovers of female ejaculation, I have found only one that I can recommend right now:

Annie as the squirter

Here is a sample squirting picture from the site: