Silly Porn Star

It’s time for another installment of everyone’s favorite moments in porn. No, we’re not talking about the ground shaking orgasms — we mean the embarrassing, awkward, sometimes UNsexy moments referred to in the industry as outtakes or ‘bloopers’. While we love the polished finished product’ we will always have a soft spot for the hilarious moments that never make it in the final edit, and we know you agree with us. Enjoy!

Female execution scenes

Female execution fetish scene with golden shower.

Sister Dee starts off being nice to Marina. After all, she treats her to a nice little cum, but that is really just the line in the sand. Marina is going to have her asshole worked out until she is bawling. She is going to get a very nasty shower to clean her up before SD takes her inside for more. SD carved a little cock and Marina is going to feel a lot more of it than she would ever like.

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