How to make a handcuff knot

Make a V with the forefinger and thumb of your left hand. Lay the center of a 4-5′ hunk of rope across the base of the V. Wrap each end around your finger or thumb twice, coming up from the middle of the V. Bring your finger and thumb tips together and slide the loops around your fingers together. What you will have is four coils of rope, with the free ends emerging from the middle, and the center section of the rope connecting the outer coils. I call this part of the knot the barrel.

Take the two free ends of the rope and feed them through the four coils (The free end on the left side goes into the left side of the barrel, etc.) Don’t pull them though all the way, these form the loops that the hands go through. Work all the slack out of the barrel. This is the critical part. If you don’t work out all the slack, the knot can be pulled open by the bindee. The knot should look like a small spool with two loops going from the center to either end, and the long free ends of the rope coming from the ends of the spool (the part I call the barrel). To use it: Have the victim place his or her hands though the loops. Pull the free ends until the loops are snug. If you got all the slack out of the barrel, it will be impossible for the victim to loosen the loops by pulling, much like a hangman’s noose. To loosen it, you must grasp the barrel and pull on the loop where it emerges from the barrel. The free ends can be used to secure the hands to the waist ( can be used with hands in front or behind )