Stories of humiliated husband

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As if I hadn’t been humiliated enough, having my wife completely ignore her husband while he was about to cum, and her choosing instead to wander off and talk to her lover, I soon began to discover I had only begun to be humiliated. Jennifer was not the sort of slut wife to treat her husband well, or with any particular sense of obedience.

I like to thinkthat any husband would have been humiliated by my wife, and that she didn’t just target me for humiliation out of some perverse sense of entitlement, but as the humiliated husband who am I to know?

I brought a client over one afternoon, to look at a project I was doing on the computer for him. Both of us in suits, working on the computer in the living room when Jennifer came home. I introduced her as my wife, and then we went back to work as Jennifer went into the bedroom to change.

Before long, my slut wife wandered back out again, wearing a short t-shirt and a black thong. I felt my face flush immediately, somehow humiliated that she would dress so inappropriately in front of one of my business clients. After the first glance, he had the decency to pretend that my wife wasn’t half naked in the room with us, but as Jennifer at down in full view and began to read a book, I knew he was wondering what kind of husband would allow his wife to behave like this.

I asked Jennifer if she thought she really wanted to wear that, and she looked up fromher book puzzled, and kept on reading, not even giving me a verbal answer, which really humiliated me, but the humiliation was just beginning.

Before long, Mark came home, and Jennifer ran to the door and greeted him with a kiss, and again I felt humiliated, as he got a wrmer greeting than I had, and I know my client had to be wondering why my wife was kissing this guy right in front of her husband.

I felt humiliated even further when Jennifer and Mark cozied up together on the couch, my slut wife braless under her t-shirt and her long legs not even remotely covered, her little pussy barely covered by just the thong. My client kept looking over now, despite himself, as Jennifer and Mark teased each other playfully on the couch.

Neither of them seemed to pay us any mind, but carried on much the way they usually did. Before long, I felt another rush of embarrassment as Mark pulled my wife’s t-shirt up over her head, and I, the humiliated husband, could say nothing as Jennifer leaned back to let Mark caress her naked breasts before my astonished client’s eyes.

Humiliated or not, I had to try and get my work done, and I worried that he was going to start fucking my wife right there on the sofa, but instead, he lifted my wife up and carried her, basically nude, except for her damp thong, back into the bedroom.

No sooner were thay out of sight than my client says, “Your wife does that, right in front of her husband?” I had to confess that she did, and he shook his head in amazement.

I felt humiliated again and again over the next half hour, as the sounds of sex, and the obvious cries of my slut wife in orgasm filtered out from the bedroom. Enough that Jennifer had humiliated her husband in front of anyone, but to have humiliated her husband in front of a business clent made me think that this job was lost forever, and I would not see this client again, but I turned out to be very, very wrong on that, and my humiliation was about to go to far deeper levels.