Bad lady punishment

I a behaviour improper for a devote Sub to the day puts already for some time there, my devote vein again announced themselves. I dreamed about it which I for this improper behaviour a being entitled punishment receive.

But how I should convert this? Thus I have me a well-known gentleman asked a as bad girl as me being entitled to punish. HE consented and said themselves also directly that I should him properly note which I all bad had done, so that he can accordingly also punish me.

I noted everything good, but thus HE was not satisfied. Therefore I must note everything with it also everyone here white why I am punished. Furthermore also a photo series of it is to be made so that everyone can see like a bad girl was punished. .

I feel a certain fear in me, yet I may not withdraw there I this wanted and it for a tidy devote slave it am also right myself the being entitled punishment to receive.

But I write you now on why I am punished.

Repeated self satisfaction without a gentleman to have asked.
Repeatedly opposite other gentlemen to have before-loud behaved.
Stretchers of underwear, although a slave should not carry.
Opposite other Sub and slaves dominant itself to have taken away.
Untidily gone around with the Toys and punishment instruments.
The more frequent not like a devote Sub taken away.

For this I am received morning my fair punishment. Nervousness ascends in me ever more and I hopes which IT not all too strictly with me deals, yet I make happy on it I already for a long time for it to also wait itself there had.