Femdom male submission

After weeks of full on tease and denial I finally decided I would allow him to cum.

Friday night while I teased his cock I informed my slave that if he was a good boy on Saturday and he could complete each task that I set him then he could have an orgasm. This of course completely excited him and my cock felt like it was going to burst.

I got up sat morning and dressed in front of him. I put on my knee high stiletto black boots on and a black knee length dress. My hair was tied back and my make-up absolutely perfect. I lent over him and told him that when I came back he was to be naked in his collar standing in the corner ready for whatever I decided to do to him. I fed him a Viagra and went shopping for an hour.

I walked into the bedroom and he jumped slightly, I love that, and I sat on an chair and ordered him to kneel before me. I asked him if he would like to win the right to lick my boots clean. He nodded and I locked him in the full hood. He had a cock ring on and the cock was so hard I laughed at him and put his lead on and ordered him to follow me on his knees and to stay close. I led him upstairs into a larger room and unleashed him. He was informed that he had to catch me four times in four minutes and on his knees. I put him in the center of the room and span him round. I had my flogger and kept tapping at him from other angles confusing him. This was such a fun game watching him grabbing out trying his best to listen for me and not able to see a thing. He got me the fourth time right in the last ten seconds. I led him back downstairs and knelt him before me and made him lick my boots clean.

I took this opportunity to tease his cock again I wanted him so desperate to cum that he would do anything to get it. I ordered him to sit on the floor and spread his legs wide open. Then he had to hold out his scrotum so I could trample it with my heels I made him count to 60 with each heel I put my full weight down on each side. I followed this with a bit more teasing and then I told him to stand in the corner whilst I got his next task ready.

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