Directions to make steel fingernails


5 or 10 steel guitar fingerpicks


(optional) metal grinder
(optional) cotton buffing wheel
(optional) buffing compond

I love to take vanillia store bought items and pervert them for my own uses.

Usually you go to a hardware store, tack shop, or kitchen store, but this time you go to a music store. You want chrome steel guitar finger picks. They are usually 75 cents a piece, which means you can get a whole set for $7.50! I suggest buying the heaviest guage (the thickness of the steel) you can get. This is usually .025″ thickness.

You will need to bend in the tabs that go around your finger to fit them to your finger. Once you have done this, they are fairly comfortable.

I suggest griding them to make them sharper. I used a fine grit grinding wheel to increase the sharpness, using it with the tip on the fingernail pointing in the direction of the wheel. I then used a felt buffing wheel to brighten and smooth the finish. I would have prefered a cotton buffing wheel though. I aimed for a point that felt sharp but would not cut easily. Remember to wear your safety glasses kiddos!

Notes on usage:

Be careful, don’t draw blood unless you intend to.
When cleaning them by dipping in bleach, be sure to dry them or they can rust or tarnish.
If they are uncomfortable, try rebending the tabs, or add some kind of padding, say tape.
I haven’t found a Bottom yet that doesn’t like them!

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