Hells Waiting Room

Julia Robins was a nineteen-year-old college student, home for Thanksgiving. She was quiet, shy, and beautiful. Dark green eyes, black hair, and an even 56 on a slim frame with a peach complexion. She lay asleep in her childhood bedroom with the window open and the pastel pink curtains floating on the breeze. She rolled onto her stomach and dimly heard the click of handcuffs but felt the pull of her arms being bound behind. She opened her mouth to scream but a rough hand quickly covered her mouth.

“Dont scream”, a low voice said roughly. Julia felt a knee on her back holding her down. Something heavy lay on her cheek. “Im going to put this in your mouth and if you dont let me, I’ll make you”.

Julia clamped her jaw tightly as the man tried to force the thing, a ball gag she recalled, into her mouth. Her attacker sighed and kept the gag pressed to her lips with one hand and kept her pinned to the bed with one knee. The other leg kept Julias legs parted. Julias eyes were wildly searching for his other hand. It soon found her, going into her panties. His fingers played along the cleft of her ass and soon went farther. Julia clamped her jaw tighter as one of his fingers entered her vagina.

He work a second finger inside of her searching for just the right place and was soon rewarded as she gasped. He forced the ball gag into her mouth. He removed his fingers from inside of her and reached up to clasp the gag.

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