Spanking vs Flogging

What do you like better, spanking or flogging? Subject of a small debate here on the weekend, everybody seems to like both, no question about that, but which is your personal preference?

I’m for spanking, hands down, if you can pardon the pun. Something about a genuine spanking, plus the fact that you can put me over your knee and give me a spanking anywhere feels very sexy; with flogging you can’t take your flogger with you everywhere.

Plus with spanking you really feel like you’re being punished for being a naughty girl; it’s personal, I have a warm hand commanding and punishing my ass, I can feel exactly what they want me too.

For me, flogging is more of a showpiece – something being done to demonstrate what a good or bad girl I am, and not so much as an instant discipline. Now, I love being flogged, but I really like an audience for a flogging. An audience is good for a spanking too, but not as necessary to be erotic.

But with a flogging, it’s much more visual, the swirling leather thongs, the freeze frame of the floggers sudden impact on my ass, all these things need people with them to make them sexy, at least for me. But a spanking feels sexy every single time.

I’ve had orgasms with spankings, but getting flogged to orgasm is a much trickier thing for me, because the human touch isn’t quite as strong. A good spanking taps into all my secrets and naughtiness and usually gets me very aroused within moments – I don’t know, but something really triggers in me when I get spanked, or if I’m watching a movie with a girl in it who gets a spanking.

My all time favorite porn scene has a girl getting spanked until her ass is red and then gets fucked in her pretty little ass . I can’t tell you how many times I’ve masturbated watching that scene.