Cuckold husband suck or making my husband suck cock

The discussion of cock sucking has come up a lot. At first I thought it was my own kinky desires because I love watching two guys having sex. After all it’s ok for men to get hot and horny over two girls, why wouldn’t a woman want the same? I soon found out that it was much more then my own kinky mind but that there were literally 1000’s of straight men that wanted to suck cock. It doesn’t stop there. These cock suckers are out and out cum bucket slut whores that will soon take it in the poop chute given the right circumstances. This article shows how to convert a submissive male into a cock sucker & why you should do it.

First I’ll address the reason why. My primary motivation is because I think it’s hot to watch him on his knees sucking a big fat cock because I told him to and not because he enjoys it. If you’ve never seen a forced bi scene then you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about so I’ll try and describe it. He can be the biggest slut in the world but when it comes to sucking another man’s cock it juggles his brain like crazy. For a man it is the ultimate act of humiliation and submission because it directly penetrates his own ego. Even if he learns to enjoy it each time he does it, under the control of a woman, he gets a serious machismo adjustment. This is especially true if you point out to him how inadequate his own penis is. In my opinion male cock serves very little purpose for me other then to control him, manipulate and render him helpless. If I really have the desire to get fucked I’d probably be
more likely to grab a dildo, strap it to his face and fuck his face. I can choose the size of the dildo (I like them very big) and I don’t have to worry about it getting soft or making a mess all over me. The greatest strength of female domination is to control a man’s cock. If you are successful in doing this then you’ll literally own his soul.

This article is not about how to get him to be submissive. It’s for the man that is already submissive and willing to do whatever it takes to please you. It’s about bringing him to his knees and setting the stage for some serious femdom fun!

After I have established that his cock isn’t much good to
me other then to control him, tie things to it and make fun of it, I begin strap
on training. I covered this in another article called, “Fuck that Man in The
Ass!” which shows you how to prepare him for anal. This covers cock sucking and
to teach him to open wide, become a cock sucking expert you need to train him.
After all when he finally does suck cock you don’t want him to embarrassing you
by chocking and not doing a good job. I get the biggest dildo I can find and I
daily make him suck it. I instruct him how.

Expert Cock Sucking – Hold the shaft with your right hand. Begin by running your tongue along the vein on the underside of the shaft all the way up to the head then circle your tongue around the head teasing the cock until it throbs in your hand. Do this for a few moments really allowing your tongue to explore the big cock. Once the cock is throbbing in your hand take the head of the penis and put it in your mouth. Suck lighting on the head without sliding your mouth down yet. Suckle it, just the head and then after a few moments slowly begin to glide your mouth down the shaft. You should have full & complete movement applying pressure with your mouth. From time to time flicker the tip of your tongue along the vein and at the underside veins area under the head of the cock. When you’re using your tongue make sure you don’t take away too much pressure and make him lose his hard on.

Sounds like I’m an expert cock sucker? Dream on.
It would be a very cold day in hell that I would suck cock but I do have cock
sucking males to take care of that for me! Teaching him to be an expert cock
sucker makes me proud of him and I’ll often show him off to my friends.

Teach your cock sucker how to apply a condom on with his mouth.

Safety is very important and as much as I love watching a
man cum hard in another man’s mouth the reality if that it’s just not safe. For
this reason he also needs to learn how to put a condom on a hard penis with his
mouth. Its funny watching them learn how to do this. In fact get a video camera
and send me the clips because I think its so damn funny watching them learn to
do this. With practice he’ll be slipping it on with ease.

Practice makes good cock suckers

Cock sucking is an art and if he’s going to master it then
he needs to practice a lot. Once he actually begins sucking cock he’ll need to
do it often or he will forget what he has learned. He can hold the dildo himself
most of the time, however there are times when you should strap it on and let
him work on his gag reflect. After all a man is going to move his hips back and
forth fucking his mouth. You should grab his head and direct him down onto your
strap-on. If he doesn’t do a good job slap his cheek until he gets it right. He
should also be reminded of his place and what he is becoming;

“You’re my nasty little cock sucking whore, aren’t you

“Tell me how much you love sucking cock for me.”

“I am going to turn you into a cum bucket. You’ll suck cock
for me won’t you cock sucker?”

There are lots of buzz words and I feel that the words you
use are very important in training a male. Be sure that he is interactive and
repeats after you. “Tell me what a good little cock sucker you’re going to be
and how much you love sucking cock.” Make him say it.

Be sure to check the members audio sections for ideas by listening to hot audios. These are not just for guys to masturbate but great for couples too.

How to Find Cock to Suck

The best way is to find other mistress’s that have slaves
or husbands that also want to be cock suckers. I enjoy kicking back with a
friend as the men serve us dinner and drinks and then a little show later. You
should also network with other cock suckers because they understand how you feel
and what you need. Maybe they are submissive, however you probably should teach
your cock sucker how to be somewhat dominate so he can get his cock sucked too.
Try not to laugh when he does this.

The best cock for them to suck is straight cock because
these guys simply want a blow job for an expert cock sucker. They get their cock
sucked and leave. They don’t care anything about the cocker sucker. I want to
cum and go. These guys can be found on a place like

Find your city or a city that is close to you. There is a
personals section and in my opinion it’s much better to post in the W4M and that
the Mistress posts the ad. The reason for this is that you want straight male
cock. Someone that has no regard for who he is but simply wants his cock sucked.
There are plenty of straight men that also have fantasies about getting their
cock sucked by a man and having their wife or mistress order them to do it.
Here’s an example of how an ad might read.

Subject: Mistress owns cock sucking male 4 other men

“I have trained my husband (or boyfriend) to be a cock
sucker. I enjoy watching him suck strange cock. I am seeking well endowed, safe
and discreet gentlemen that want a great blow job with no strings attached. Just
get your cock sucked and leave. Photo required along with a phone call to make
arrangements and insure that everyone is safe.”

Of course you can word it the way you like. When you get
emails (and you will!) treat it like any other dating format except you most
likely will not meet for coffee. If you feel more comfortable doing this ok but
it might lose the effectiveness of the scene. You won’t have any trouble fishing
for cock so take your time, exchange some emails and if you each have a cam it’s
a good idea to meet on cam and make sure it’s what you want to do. Do not invite
strangers to your home. When you talk you’ll decide who should get a room or
where you should meet. Discuss ahead of time what will be allowed to take place.
As you get to know one another you can add to your fantasies, however don’t be
surprised if its “wham bam thank you cock sucker”.


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