Hells Waiting Room

Julia Robins was a nineteen-year-old college student, home for Thanksgiving. She was quiet, shy, and beautiful. Dark green eyes, black hair, and an even 56 on a slim frame with a peach complexion. She lay asleep in her childhood bedroom with the window open and the pastel pink curtains floating on the breeze. She rolled onto her stomach and dimly heard the click of handcuffs but felt the pull of her arms being bound behind. She opened her mouth to scream but a rough hand quickly covered her mouth.

“Dont scream”, a low voice said roughly. Julia felt a knee on her back holding her down. Something heavy lay on her cheek. “Im going to put this in your mouth and if you dont let me, I’ll make you”.

Julia clamped her jaw tightly as the man tried to force the thing, a ball gag she recalled, into her mouth. Her attacker sighed and kept the gag pressed to her lips with one hand and kept her pinned to the bed with one knee. The other leg kept Julias legs parted. Julias eyes were wildly searching for his other hand. It soon found her, going into her panties. His fingers played along the cleft of her ass and soon went farther. Julia clamped her jaw tighter as one of his fingers entered her vagina.

He work a second finger inside of her searching for just the right place and was soon rewarded as she gasped. He forced the ball gag into her mouth. He removed his fingers from inside of her and reached up to clasp the gag.

Julia squeezed her eyes shut and tried to keep the tears from falling, but one by one they came and her attacker chuckled, he leaned up to her face and Julia took a good look at the ski mask he wore. He slowly licked her tears away. He chuckled again and leaned back. He placed both hands on her shoulders and moved his knee. He rolled her over and slid a hand over her breast.

Julias nipples hardened instantly and her tears came faster. The rapist slid her white tank top up over her breast and leaned down. He stroked the tan lines and licked the edges of the nipple before biting down on the tips of them. He sat back up, his weight settled on her hips.

“I’m getting ahead of myself”, he said to himself, “First things first, secure the merchandise then break it in”.

MERCHANDISE?!, Julias mind screamed.

Her captor reached for his belt and pulled off another set of cuffs. These hooked together with a latch in the middle. He placed a shackle around each ankle and hooked them together. He then unhooked a bottle of liquid from his belt and untied a rag from his wrist; he poured the liquid onto the cloth.

“You’ll be a little groggy when you wake up”, he said and held the cloth to her face. Julia tried to hold her breath, the chloroform soon took hold and Julias word went dark. The man picked Julia up and left a wad of cash on the bed and walked out of her bedroom and out of the houses unlocked backdoor. Just the way he came in.


When Julia woke, she found herself leaned over, naked, and bound. Whatever she was bound to forced her ass into the air, there was a piece of metal between her legs, keeping them apart, and another piece of metal between her breast, supporting her. Her wrist and ankles were still cuffed together and now tied to the middle beam. Julia tried to scream but the gag was still there.

“My name is Chad Everson”, Julia swung her head around to see the man from her room. “I am a professional slave and harem girl dealer and you are now mine to teach the ways of your new life and then I may sell you”.

Chad Everson was six feet tall if an inch, with coffee colored skin and blue eyes. He was also very muscular, very naked, and very well endowed. Chad circled Julia slowly and she realized that the way she was staked out put her face level with Chads penis and her ass at level with his stomach. Chad ran a hand down her spine and Julia shivered. He walked to the workbench on the other side of the room and picking up a few things wrapping them in a white towel so she couldnt see them. He walked back to Julia and stopped behind her, laying the items on a small table beside him and hidden from her view. He ran a hand from the top of her shackles to the bottom of her bottom and then pushed her ass cheeks apart and ran his finger across her.
His finger slowly circled the tight muscles of her asshole.

“Are you a virgin”? Chad asked, not his hand. Julia didnt answer. “Are you a virgin”? he asked again. “You had better let me know if you are, if you dont, I wont take the time to break your hymen with as little pain as possible. Now, are you a virgin”?

Julia closed her eyes and nodded her head.

Hmmm, I havent had a virgin come through here in a while. This could be fun, Chad thought. Julia gasped as he placed something cold inside of her and squirted liquid into her.

“Just a little spermicidal lubricant, Julia”, he said.

He knows my name?! Julias mind screamed.

Chad removed the lubricant bottle and replaced it with two of his fingers. He twisted them, and then he curled his fingers, his nails scratching her walls. He pushed deeper inside of her repeated the process then opened and closed them in a scissoring motion. He continued his ministrations and reached up to the clasp on the gag.

“I’m going to take the gag off, but if you scream I will punish you”. Quickly undoing it, he laid it on the table. Julia screamed, long and hard then begged for mercy and help, but Chad just scoffed at the pleas. “You can scream all you like, Julia dear”, he said, “we are a hundred miles from anyone and the only people who realize you are missing are your parents”. Chad added a third finger and coated his thumb with the lubricant. He pushed his thumb passed the tight ring of her asshole and inside of her, he stretched the muscle out. He removed his fingers from Julia who kept screaming.

So much for doing this painlessly, he thought. Chad picked up two dildos from the table. He took the shorter one in one hand and spread her cheeks with the other. He shoved the dildo dry into her rectum and wiggled it to make sure it was settled. Julia howled at the two-inch wide intrusion. Chad took the larger dildo and inserted it into her vagina and quickly pushed passed her hymen he pulled it back out and wiped the blood from it then pushed it back in, he settled it in the same way as the first. The dildos were just to stretch her out and make her ready.

Chad walked to her face and said, “While those are doing their job, your going to learn your first task. You are going to suck my dick and not spill one ounce of my seed, if you do you will be punished. Do you understand”? Julia sobbed and a line of drool dropped from her lips. “You will do as you are told”, Chad said taking hold of his erect penis and shoving it into her mouth. Julia gagged as the erection went down her throat. Chad grabbed her hair and pumped his penis back and forth. “Suck it”! he commanded.

Julia sucked weakly on his penis. Use your tongue and lick me. Julia made a few halfhearted attempts at doing what he ordered. Either you suck me off in five minutes or I am going to whip that fine ass and pretty titties of yours. Julia sucked harder and ten minutes later Chad came in her mouth. Julia choked and spit his sperm onto the floor. “Oh, I warned you, I told you that if you spilled my gift Id have to punish you. I guess Ill be whipping your titties anyhow”.

Julia started crying.” No, please, dont. I cant take anymore”.

Chad picked up a horsewhip from the workbench. “You take a lot more before youre ready to sell. Even then, youll still be taking a lot more when youre sold”. He walked back to Julia and untied her ankle shackles from, as he liked to call it, the learning pulpit. All his new girls spent their first week leaning over it, learning what was expected and what it would feel like to be nothing more a fuck toy. Chad unclipped the shackles from each other pulled a thong onto Julia and settled it to make sure the dildos stayed where they were, he then clipped the shackles back together. He turned a crank on the pulpit and the piece of metal, the spreading
beam, dropped from between Julias legs, but her feet still could not touch the ground. Chad released her handcuffs from the pulpit and turned the crank for the upper body support. Julia tumbled from the support beam and onto the hardwood floor.

“Before I punish you”, Chad said grabbing her hair and setting her on her hands and knees, “you are going to clean the mess you made. Now, lick it up and dont miss a spot”. Julia looked at the large puddle of cum on the floor and in that moments hesitation Chad reared back and the whip cracked against Julias ass. Julia cried but leaned down and started licking the mess off the floor. The whip would crack at her every hesitation and large welts were starting to appear. “When you are finished, you will approach me on your hands and knees. You will not look me in the eye, but instead your gaze will go no higher or any lower than my penis”, Chad said watching her lick the floor clean. ” Every time you make a mess this is how you will clean it”.

After fifteen minutes, Julia crawled towards Chad and looked no higher and no lower than the ten inch long penis. “My mother and father will call the police and they will find me”, she said.

Chad grabbed her by the hair and jerked her to her feet and half led half dragged her to the workbench. He grabbed a collar and snapped it around her neck and attached a chain leash to it.” Not likely. Your parents sold you to me”, Chad said. “Dont believe they would do it? Your parents were in debt from paying your college tuition and so to make a quick buck they sold you to me. I only paid 15 grand for you”. Julias face fell. Chad laughed and pulled her towards the back wall. He removed her cuffs and pulled them above her head, shackling her to the wall.

“Youve already whipped me”! she said.

“I whipped your ass for taking to long. I said I was going to whip your titties as punishment for spilling my cum. Now Im adding talking back to your master to the list of offences”, Chad said. He smacked her over and over, waiting between strokes and raising welts on her. He smiled and she cried and begged for him to stop.

Chad laid two more blows on each nipple. He walked up to her. Nice, all red and swollen. He licked her bruised nipples, then bit the right one hard enough to bleed. He sucked the blood off. “Now”, he said unchaining her, “I believe thats enough punishment for now”. He returned her to the learning pulpit and lowered the main support with a third hand crank. Chad pulled the thong off of Julia and positioned over the spreading beam, Julia offered no resistance, only tears. Chad bent her over and slid her hands over the chest support. He cranked the main support beam back up and Julias ass was again exposed to the air.

“I suppose its time to take these out”, he said jiggling the dildos. Julia gasped as the wiggle sent a wave of pleasure up her spine. Chad smiled. ” Did you like that”? He pushed and pulled the dildo in and out. Julia moan and cried in pleasure. Chad gave the dildo one last push and pull before replacing it with himself. He slammed himself into her, her pussy dripping onto his balls as they slapped against her. Julia scream and shuddered. Chad stopped and slapped the welts on her ass. Julia gave a start and Chad started pumping again. Chad yelled hoarsely as he finished and took Julia over the edge again.

He smiled and leaned up over and spoke into her ear. “You will make a fine sex slave. Ill get a cool 45-50 grand out of you”. Julia cringed and started crying again, he smiled and removed the dildo from her rectum. Chad laughed and took the towel off the table. He wiped himself off then cleaned her. He retrieved two buckets from beneath his workbench and set one in behind her and one in front. “If you puke, and I know you will, make sure you get it in the bucket or you will clean it”.

He started for the door and grabbed the knob. We will do this again tomorrow and the next few days. Then youre going to see what its really like around here. Chad opened the door and left, slamming the door behind him. He was right, Julia immediately lower her head and vomited the cum she had licked up of the floor.


Chad return everyday and proceeded to teach her what her new life would be like until one day he came in and said, “Now were through with the childs play. Its time for you to get acquainted with the big girl toys”. He dropped her from the learning pulpit and bound her hands again. He took her leash, leading her out of the room that had been what she thought was Hell was but now realized it was only Hells Waiting Room.

(C) Raven 2002. All Rights Reserved

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