Adult halloween costumes

Hello everybody BDSM TIPS blog readers! Halloween in near future and some of us search ideas about cheap halloween costumes. Would say to you that i found SEXY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES shop with much adult halloween costumes. I put here some halloween costumes and if you want more JUST CLICK HERE or click on image!

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Erotic spanking art

The picture below was a real find for me, though it is only peripherally a spanking pic.It shows a high level of artistic skill obviously, but there are other things that I also like about this picture. It is very sexy without crossing my imaginary line into pornography. The naked backside, the two sexy ladies making out in the foreground, and the sultry statue on the side all make for a sexually appealing image. Add the Dom character menacingly holding the cane and studying the naked bottom of the girl before him, and I could just wet myself with desire. This artist has also made excellent use of space by filling every inch of the drawing with something interesting and intriguing.

Women spanking punishment

Some guy wearing rubber pants is spanking a naked girl. Was she steaking during the fishing trip? Was she skinny dipping from the waist down Perhaps she was sunbathing in the nude near his favorite fishing hole? I also can’t figure out where he got the belt or why he is holding her hair.

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Cuckold husband suck or making my husband suck cock

The discussion of cock sucking has come up a lot. At first I thought it was my own kinky desires because I love watching two guys having sex. After all it’s ok for men to get hot and horny over two girls, why wouldn’t a woman want the same? I soon found out that it was much more then my own kinky mind but that there were literally 1000’s of straight men that wanted to suck cock. It doesn’t stop there. These cock suckers are out and out cum bucket slut whores that will soon take it in the poop chute given the right circumstances. This article shows how to convert a submissive male into a cock sucker & why you should do it.

First I’ll address the reason why. My primary motivation is because I think it’s hot to watch him on his knees sucking a big fat cock because I told him to and not because he enjoys it. If you’ve never seen a forced bi scene then you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about so I’ll try and describe it. He can be the biggest slut in the world but when it comes to sucking another man’s cock it juggles his brain like crazy. For a man it is the ultimate act of humiliation and submission because it directly penetrates his own ego. Even if he learns to enjoy it each time he does it, under the control of a woman, he gets a serious machismo adjustment. This is especially true if you point out to him how inadequate his own penis is. In my opinion male cock serves very little purpose for me other then to control him, manipulate and render him helpless. If I really have the desire to get fucked I’d probably be
more likely to grab a dildo, strap it to his face and fuck his face. I can choose the size of the dildo (I like them very big) and I don’t have to worry about it getting soft or making a mess all over me. The greatest strength of female domination is to control a man’s cock. If you are successful in doing this then you’ll literally own his soul.

This article is not about how to get him to be submissive. It’s for the man that is already submissive and willing to do whatever it takes to please you. It’s about bringing him to his knees and setting the stage for some serious femdom fun!

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Humiliation meaning

I figured this needed a lengthy response and sense I seriously need to write an article on this, I’ll do it here. I’ve read some of the replies and see that there are varied views and concerns. Hopefully I can shed some light in some areas. I personally find humiliation to be the most intense dynamic in female domination if it’s handled properly.

Humiliation: Fucking Your Mind & Spirit

What sexually motivates a man to want to be called a worthless pig? Why would a grown man want to wear ridiculous costumes and act like a complete fool? What forces a man into shameful acts to get a hard on? Why do we find sexual taboos so exciting?

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Female domination guide – How to become an Amazing Domina

“I just found out my boyfriend (or husband, lover, etc.) is submissive. I really love him and I want to make things work. I just don’t “get it” – what am I supposed to do?”

This question becomes more and more common on these boards and other discussion groups and I get it a lot via email (and from friends in real life who know that I am “considerably kinky”). The answers and advice people give are so broad – some people like to give lists of kinky things to do, others recommend books and resources (who has time to read an entire book to answer a simple question? You don’t need/want a degree in “female domination” anyway) and others tell you, “Oh, it can’t be done. You either are dominant or you aren’t – you can’t fake it.”

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