How to do rope bondage

To partially or totally restrict movement: If for instance you want to render your partner helpless, before teasing them into a frenzy total bondage will be the way to go. Partial bondage, allow your partner the freedom of some of there limbs or only restrict there normal movement. This kind of bondage can be very frustrating. Ropes can be placed under clothing. A rope harness can be worn in public, without restricting any movement.

To place and maintain somebody in a specific position: For when you need someone to hold a sexy pose for a while (exhibition bondage). Place your partner in a position that is not attainable without external help (suspension bondage).

To apply pressure to specific areas: Place ropes to apply pressure on the clitoris, vagina, anus breasts or nipples.

Breasts: Ropes should be placed to apply pressure, inline with the nipples just above and below the breasts. Ropes can also be used to push the breasts up. Pinch the breast between ropes to apply pressure from more than one side.

Nipples: Run a rope over or against the nipple.

Vagina, clitoris and anus: “Crotch rope” traditionally it’s a rope tied round the waist on one end, the other end is run through the legs and tied on to the waist again. Ad knots or weaves to enhance the effectiveness.

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How to bondage. Why people get involved?

Strong Bonds Needed

Bondage, toys, erotic clothing etc. can strengthen your relationship. Result in some embarrassment, good laughs and hopefully a lot of excitement and good sex. Bondage will not fix or save your relationship. You need to be in a healthy relationship based on Trust and Good Communication before introducing, BDSM or any other kinky activities, into your sex life.

Bondage. Why people do this?

They are looking for something new: Need to put back the excitement in their love lives. You know, making out in the elevator. Pretending to have an affair. Something along those lines. Unfortunately there is no quick fix. But hey, the easy way to start is by exploring your partner again. Communication leads to sex (probably get hanged for writing this). Good communication, leads to great sex.

Curiosity: We learn, by experimenting. If you don’t try, you will never know. Exploring your sexuality is no different. In trying something new, always answer the following questions.
Is it creative?

Am I comfortable doing it? (emotional, ethical, physical)
Is it fun?
Is it save?

Because they like it: That’s me. Some people enjoy the close snuggle feeling they get from wearing a well tied rope harness. Some people enjoy creating and tying the harness. Some people maintain ropes should be kept out of the bedroom.

Manipulation: The sad fact is. People misuse authority and power, lie and blackmail to get what they want. And I’m not just revering to BDSM, or bondage. It is not within the scope of this web site to explore the devious nature of the human soul. In the bondage scheme of things, make sure you maintain control of the situation at all time. Stay within the limits. Play with people you trust. Participate only in a safe environment.

Creating the scene

Describing your sexual fantasies can be a very tricky thing to do. Keep in-mind. Human nature dictates that we avoid embarrassing ourselves at all cost. Criticising some ones (especially males) sexual ability is a sure way of inflicting pain.

Letting some one know your most intimate secrets in detail is a big step for any relationship. Take your time.

Start with something easy and attainable. All parties involved, should stand to gain something from the experience.


Likes and dislikes, what is allowed what is not allowed. Commonly revered to as the “Negotiation phase” of a session. This could be misleading, negotiations imply possible compromise. In setting limits for a specific bondage scene there is no compromise.

Any sexual relationship has limits. In BDSM we use communication, instead of trial and error, to establish exactly what they are. I suggest you make a thorough job of setting the limits, before even thinking about bondage.

Respect your partners limits, when you cross the limits, your activities become Non-consensual. Behaviour of this kind is best described by definitions of Rape. This holds true for any action taken in your relationship BDSM related or not.

Bondage with strangers. Make sure every person involved know and understand the limits. Third-party supervision is a must. Make sure it is in a reputable, club or dungeon.

Safe Words

These are predetermined words, or actions you agree on to Stop all activities. Saying a particular word, ringing a bell, switching on the light. All methods you can use to indicate the end of the bondage session.


Make sure you have everything you need. Enough clean rope. Erotic toys and clothing if agreed upon. More ideas see
Enough time, remember after-play.
Practise your bondage skills on yourself, pillows, the broom anything before trying it on your partner.

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