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Her limp body was carried away up to the bed chamber. There she laid covered only in a white sheet. She looked so innocent asleep. So peaceful. No one would have ever suspected the wound that lay beneath. He entered and watched her for a while. Just taking in his new found soul. This body was totally his, mind body and soul. He sat at the end of the bed, afraid to disturb her. His hand peeled back the coverlet and exposed her bandaged hip. Gently he removed the gauze to look at his mark. The blisters left no resemblance to his initials but he knew in time they too would come around as she has.

He smiled to himself as he thought about her spirit. For he knew the devilish streak in her would not subside, even through this. He replaced the bandage and removed his silk robe. Reaching down between her legs and slowly began to spread them. Even in her slumber she was moist. Now it was time to take her physically. To totally claim this body. As he positioned himself above her she began to stir. Her eyes fluttered as she tried to focus on him. Reaching around the small of her back he lifted her hips enough to allow him access into her. With one swift move he entered her. Her eyes widen as she realized what was happening to her. She smiled and tried to wrap her legs around him but the pain shot up through her body. Sir told her to lie still and spread wider. She complied and he drove his body deep into her. “You are mine totally now pet” She has never been taken like this before. The feeling o totally taken this was more then she had ever hoped for.

She must have passed out again. for when she awoke the room was still and lit only by candles. She winced as she sat upright in bed. The pain in her hip was very strong now. Her eyes wondered around the room taking in all of its splendor. Large dark furniture, wonderful fabrics, and the scent of roses. On the night stand she noticed a tray of juice and fruits. Her throat burned as it accepted the cool liquid. She set the glass down and began to look around the dark room. “Come here kitten” came the familiar voice. But where? She looked over and a her eyes adjusted to the dark corner and she noticed an alcove. And a figure sitting there. She stood and began to walk over to the voice. “NO, down on all fours” echoed throughout the room. Quickly she dropped to the floor and began to crawl over. Once there she took in the vision of her Master. the one who owns her soul. Draped in a black silk robe He looked so magnificent sitting in a huge leather chair with carved wood. Like a king on his throne. Immediately she was down kissing his feet. She wanted to please hi so. His hand reached out and touched her hair, soft words of praise filled her He was so proud of the way she handled today. A tear of joy filled her eyes, this was a first, for she was never able to shed a tear before. Bending over closer to her, he softly kissed her head. “Now it is time to dress for dinner pet.” Sir whispered to her. “Go over to the table and bring me my clothes.” Without hesitation she crawled over and walked back holding what he required. “Now dress me pet” Sir said. She began with his socks, gently inching them up his calves. The next garment was his shirt. A soft black sweater, which looked divine on him. Black silk boxers followed by a black pair of slacks and leather belt. Slowly she inched it around his waist making sure her head touched his stomach as she reached behind him. My what a vision, tall dark and handsome he was. The candles played so well with his features. “Now it is time to dress you my pet” Came from his lips. He walked over to a gold bag sitting by the dressing table and came back to pet. Anxiously she awaited to her surprise he pulled out a black corset. “Kneel upright pet” he ordered. It was a most uncomfortable piece of clothing but she did not complain. Next he pulled out a plug with a tail attached to it. Her eyes widen as he explained that a real pet has a tail. Sir began to rub it along her pussy getting it wet enough to make insertion into her ass a bit easier. She moaned as he inserted it and attached it to her corset by the straps. It was in tight and she knew it. Reaching into the bag he came out with a dainty little collar with a silver bell attached reaching behind her he closed it around her neck. He stepped back to admire his pet. Noticing that something was missing. “OHHHHH” he said as he reached in the bag one more time. Coming out with a hair band with cat ears attached to it. He slipped it onto pets head and with a soft chuckle he smiled and patted his pet on the head. “Now my lovely, it is time to go down to dinner.” Were his words as he clipped the lead onto her collar. She followed behind him keeping up the pace. With each crawl the plug teased her ass. Driving it deeper. They came to a flight of steps at the end of the hall. He began to walk down tugging on her neck. Not sure how to do this without breaking her neck she pulled back. Turning to her he looked sternly. She began to descend down the steps sideways. It was awkward but she was able to navigate them. Once at the bottom she could hear voices, and soft music. He tugged on the lead directing her to the drawing room. As they entered she could feel all eyes upon her. She nudged herself closer to Sirs feet to feel more secure. Everyone wanted to see her brand. He ordered pet to stand in slave position as he removed the bandage to show them. The bodies seemed to encircle her but she kept her eyes closed and hands locked behind her back as she endured the stares The Dinner bell chimed and the crowed dissipated to the dinning room…(dinner will be served shortly make sure you come back to see who is having what for dinner.)

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