Redhead employee bound and fucked

Sabrina has been a role employee for the longest time, and yet she has yet to receive a fucking promotion she deserves unlike some of the bimbos who are younger and working less than her, but are immediately handed promotions and given increase in their salaries. Sabrina confronted the boss and asked what the problem is and why she’s not getting her well-deserved raise. The boss then retorted that she has to pass through a brutal test that would to him that she derserves the promotion. Well, Sabrina’s been through thick and thin with the company, so how bad could it possibly get, she asked. Apparently, she never welcomed the possibility that she would get brutalized and subjected to extreme pain by getting tied, clipped in her nipples, and having her to suck a huge cock, for that much-touted promotional fucking! Click on the link for more Sex and Submission.

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