Tongue Tied Trina Michaels

tonque tied girl

I always look forward to a bondage clip with Trina Michaels. Those of you who are familiar with her work can certainly relate to the kind of magic she weaves when she’s all bound and gagged. In this update from Hogtied however, the wicked masters of kink decided that Trina – being the hardened pain slut that she is – deserves some kind of punishment suited to her advanced level. Bound, tits mashed between two bamboo poles, her arse plugged with a dildo machine and her tongue stud tied to a string. It’s one bolt of pain after another another and like I mentioned, only a seasoned veteran like Trina Michaels can put up with such intensity. Checkout the queen of pain on Hogtied.

Bend me over and fuck me in the ass

The first lesson any submissive should learn is not to giggle during a session. When our cute Sabrina Sparx does exactly that she gets a punishment to fit the crime. She gets bent over and hogtied. When she can’t’ move a muscle she gets her ass filled with cold steel and a harness and ball gag applied to that giggly mouth of hers. Watch as her attitude gets a severe adjustment gallery HERE. Lesson Learned!