How to do rope bondage

To partially or totally restrict movement: If for instance you want to render your partner helpless, before teasing them into a frenzy total bondage will be the way to go. Partial bondage, allow your partner the freedom of some of there limbs or only restrict there normal movement. This kind of bondage can be very frustrating. Ropes can be placed under clothing. A rope harness can be worn in public, without restricting any movement.

To place and maintain somebody in a specific position: For when you need someone to hold a sexy pose for a while (exhibition bondage). Place your partner in a position that is not attainable without external help (suspension bondage).

To apply pressure to specific areas: Place ropes to apply pressure on the clitoris, vagina, anus breasts or nipples.

Breasts: Ropes should be placed to apply pressure, inline with the nipples just above and below the breasts. Ropes can also be used to push the breasts up. Pinch the breast between ropes to apply pressure from more than one side.

Nipples: Run a rope over or against the nipple.

Vagina, clitoris and anus: “Crotch rope” traditionally it’s a rope tied round the waist on one end, the other end is run through the legs and tied on to the waist again. Ad knots or weaves to enhance the effectiveness.

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