Boss Tommy likes to fuck the wives of his employees

You need something to break up a monotonous task, and sometimes it’s good to mix that break with something that will lighten the mood and get the blood pumping. I like to take my breaks by making sure one of my painsluts gets a nice whipping. It might seem arbitrary, but there’s nothing more motivating for myself then to swing my single tails, and well…they will hardly slack off either when they get a nice warm ass from my whips.

This time Boss Tommy was painting one of the new dungeon rooms with his blonde painslut assistant, when she said she was getting tired of painting. The job was only half done though, so she wasn’t about to get out of completing the work. If she was ‘done’ painting, she didn’t need her coveralls, but she didn’t want to get rid of them. Boss Tommy had to make sure she was bound into the hardpoint he put in first in each room before my lashes really made short work of her coveralls. She thought she could get out of her whipping by saying she could go back to work, but by then there was no way he was going to let her down before her body was covered in welts. Her pale skin showed off the lashes so well as boss whipped her pussy and tits too, it was like she provided the perfect contrast to the white of the room with the red of her body.

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Brunette Slut Bound and Face Fucked by Master

Screaming at the top of this girls lungs, the dirty brunette alternative girl endures some harsh BDSM bondage sex, at the hands of her unforgiving Master. His strong hands squeeze tightly the back of her neck, which force her mouth nice and wide open. Pulling his cock out of his pants, now erect and hard he stuffs it into her mouth and makes her gag down on the meat, enduring a brutal face fucking. Almost choking this fucking whore, women sex slaves like her always do as they are told, otherwise they will only suffer more.

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How To Detect a Femdom Sex Addict in Your Partner?

Perhaps you’ve noticed signs in your partner that are making you curious. He may not be the assertive man you met and fell in love with. He might seem unusually timid, looking to you to do all the decision-making. You might find hidden toys like strap-on dildos and other accompaniments to submission games. By now, you might be asking yourself, “Is my partner a femdom sex addict?”

Some men are into the submission games that accompany female domination. They thrill to the role reversal that submission games are all about. He might have discovered feelings and urges within himself that only subjecting himself to female domination could satisfy and was embarrassed to share them with you. If you’re finding clear indications that your partner has a secret sexual life that involves submission games, then you have to decide where to go from there.

The best thing to do would be to ask him openly if he’s into femdom activities and submission games and listen to him non-judgmentally. Discuss his femdom fantasies openly. Maybe in the course of the discussion you’ll find that there’s common ground for you both to share these fantasies and for you to explore your sensuality through submission games with your partner. Either way, keeping the subject in the dark is not going to do your relationship any good.

If you feel comfortable exploring femdom with your partner, you can find erotic thrills of your own from acting out the role reversal that comes with domination. You might discover a new level of sexual liberation in wearing that strap-on and engaging in submission games and forced feminization with him. Femdom might very well be the activity that takes your relationship to a whole new level.

You’ll never know until you take the first step and talk to him about the submission games he’s involved in. It can be an uncomfortable topic at first, but if you discover you can talk your way through it, the newfound openness and honesty in your relationship can be well worth it.


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A Dungeon Sex Story

Sasha is a sleek mouse like beauty that has always been very shy. Her parents were extremely strict and she did not get to experience much of the world under her parents watchful eyes. Now that she is a grown woman, her meek demeanor and desire to please is expressed in her sexual life.

Sasha has not had many male companions in her life, but her latest lover James is the type of guy that knows how to handle a submissive woman for his pleasure. After a few dates over a year ago, Sasha found out that James was the perfect companion to the woman who’s only goal is to please. You see James has all the tools and skills that allows both of them to explore their darkest domination, submission, and dungeon sex fantasies.

James keeps Sasha on a strict schedule of satisfying his sexual desires and she has become so well trained in the arts of submission that no corner of their sexual psyche’s have gone untouched. Tonight James has a new approach to obtain complete domination over Sasha in the most insane dungeon sex the mind of the master can conjure.

Upon his return from work, James finds Sasha were she always is, waiting for him in the dungeon ready to fulfill his most depraved sexual desires. This evening James decides to string Sasha up by handcuffs from the ceiling of his dungeon and begin one of the most powerful sexual encounters they have ever had. Binding Sasha with cuffs and then raising her off the floor with her hands immobilized above her head, James strips Sasha stark naked and starts to whip and torment her creamy white bottom and supple inner thighs with his favorite cat o’ nine tails

As Sasha winces from the pain, James begins to get an erection which only makes Sasha want to be whipped even more. As her pale skin begins to welt from the lashing and the redness of her bottom begins to shine in the darkness, James lowers Sasha down to the ground. While still cuffed he inserts his large members into her mouth while continuing to flog her body until she is at the brink of orgasm. The more Sasha begs for mercy the more aroused James get, but he has just begun their night of dungeon sex and submission.
Now that Sasha is sufficiently malleable, James bends Sasha over on a mat on the floor, binding her legs spread open with intricate rope work. James mounts Sasha from behind inserting his throbbing penis into her tight asshole, pushing in deep and hard. Sasha screams for mercy, but there is none to be found during this dungeon sex session.
Reaming her anal hole until it is a quivering pulp, James is ready for his orgasm. Dismounting from Sasha’s bottom, James lifts her head off the floor and opens her mouth wide to receive his ultimate gift. Smearing his hot sperm across her lips and face, Sasha shakes as she experiences the most exquisite orgasm she has ever felt, given to her by the hands of her merciless master.
James leaves Sasha bound on the floor, helpless and writhing from a mixture of pain and pleasure. Shutting off the lights and going up stairs leaving Sasha to shiver in the cold darkness where his domination brings her to complete sexual submission. Tomorrow will be another day for James and Sasha to explore the furthest reaches of sensuality in the private playground of dungeon sex.