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Candace Von has been appearing repeatedly in Kink sites for some time now, giving her the patina of a real black bondage bitch–perhaps the first to do so in a roster of mostly vanilla BDSM bitches. In Water Bondage, she gets doused repeatedly with water by various means. The finale, of course, is getting submerged in a tankful of water to test her hydrophobia, but with the way she’s smiling at the end of the ordeal, methinks the session was easy as pie for her.
Before the actual submerging, howerver, Candace still got strapped up and psyched out. She has her huge ebony breasts fettered in iron bonds, her wrists tied behind her, and at one point, nipple clamps pinching her aureola. Candace takes it all in stride as she goes through all the torture, wet or not, in this update. What a gorgeous ebony water nymph, eh?

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Alexa Von Tess is one BDSM pornstar who believes in water therapy to relieve her stress. And no, it’s not a warm bath with scented water and rose petals she’s talking about. She likes nothing more than a bit of Water Bondage as a balm to her troubled spirits, and so she goes to her favorite dungeon to indulge in this unorthodox relaxation method.

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Thing is, her master has plenty of other things planned for her, which includes plenty of water, but also plenty of other torture devices. Alexa gets stripped down, trussed up with ropes, ball-gagged, and then thrown a bucket of water to the face. Tied up like a piglet, she also has the hosing down of her life until every pore is drenched. She almost drowns in the very wet treatment, yet strangely enough, she does feel her worries ebbing away. I guess that’s just how a real pro takes it, and Alexa Von Tess is nothing if not a pro.